Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Orelia Chevron Ring And Wishbone Necklace

I feel like I haven't done a jewellery post in forever? To be honest, I don't buy it very often but there's always a couple of things I've got my eye on. This little chevron midi ring is one thing I've wanted for a while. I'll admit that I haven't been looking very hard, but I'd only come across normal ring sizes in this shape, until I came across Orelia, who kindly sent me this amazing Chevron midi ring (£12)* and this sweet long gold wishbone necklace (£15)*.

I'm actually kind of amazed by the ring. Is it just me who always ends up with green fingers after wearing rings, and a ring which is no longer gold, but now copper? I don't know why this ring didn't do that for me, but it didn't. It's still a super glowy gold colour. I don't know if it's made differently to the rings I usually wear, but all of the Orelia jewellery is Hypoallergenic and lead free and nickel safe with gold, silver and rose gold colour electro-plating with an anti-tarnish finish. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what most of that means, but maybe it's the anti-tarnish finish that does it! I think £12 is a completely reasonable price for the ring, and on their website they've got some as low as £3 on sale.

The necklace I think is really sweet. I'm the type of person to go for statement necklaces normally, but for the last year or so I've had a thing for more delicate necklaces just to add a tiny little bit of something extra without making the whole outfit based around a piece of jewellery. I really like that it's a slightly longer necklace but not too long. I really like this length and I think it could pretty much go with anything you wear. If you are more of a fan of bling, they've got some statement necklaces on the site as well as hair accessories, tattoos and a little create your own section.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my jewellery! Also be checking my Youtube channel as I HOPE to upload there more often! (I'm trying to be a more confident person and to care less about what other people think. In my mind Youtube helps me to do this).

P.S. sorry about my nails but I actually don't care if my nail polish is chipped or not.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner Review And Giveaway With Mizspa

Bobbi Brown is the one brand I've been wanting to buy something (other than a book) from for a while but have never got enough money. I've heard many good things about a lot of their products, particularly the shimmer bricks and the eyeliner, so I was pretty happy when contacted me asking if I wanted to do a review. What's even more exciting is that I'm also doing a giveaway which I'll put at the end of this post. 

The 2 piece set* contains the Bobbi Brown Longerwear Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ink' and "Sepia Ink' - essentially black and brown. It also includes the little Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush which is adorable. It's got pretty sturdy packaging that seals tightly so it's not going to dry out. It feels good quality and study as you would expect from Bobbi Brown.

The formula is pretty creamy but also thick so it doesn't slip and slide around, just glides on nicely. And once it's on there, it's on. It really does not come off all day and those hand swatches took some scrubbing to get off. I had no problems with removing it from my face with makeup remover, however. 

I really had no problems with this eyeliner and I couldn't fault it. It has great staying power, applies really nicely and doesn't crack or transfer onto other parts of my skin or anything. I know a lot of people who swear this is the best eyeliner out there. I know Lou Teasdale has recommended it before.

Gel eyeliner is much easier to apply than liquid eyeliner because it isn't wear so it's not going to go everywhere and have problems such as bleeding or cracking. I used to use a gel liner from Rimmel but found that could be quite patchy whereas I didn't have that problem with this liner. The colours are really strong too - the black is a definite black and the brown is a nice dark brown colour which could possibly even be used on the brows, though I haven't tried that.

As far as the brush goes, I found that easy to use. It's thin enough to do a really fine line but can also be rotated to create a thicker line. I managed to do wings with it which I often have trouble with.

All in all, this liner is serving me well and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good gel liner.

Onto the giveaway which is kindly offered to you by! You'll be entering to win the Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner Duo which includes all of the products discussed in this post. The giveaway will be open internationally for two weeks from today. I will email the winner and announce them on Twitter. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Giveaway

Today I'm going to be talking about teeth whitening! My teeth are pretty yellow and this is something I just live with, but teeth whitening is always an option, and it doesn't have to be insanely expensive! There's also a giveaway at the end of this blog post worth $139.95, so read on!

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

The natural colour of a tooth resides in the dentin (a soft bone like tissue) which lies below the enamel (a clear hard protective coating) and this colour varies from person to person, from off-white to greyish or yellowish. Whatever colour your dentin is, is how your teeth will appear when all stains have been lifted. So no dentist or teeth whitening brand can guarantee a bright white smile - just a stain free smile! 

The number of applications before all stains are removed also varies from person to person based on the severity of stains on the tooth, the causes of the stains, how long they've been collecting for, and the percentage of peroxide you're using. The older you are, the more severe your stains are likely to be, so for 13 - 23-year-olds it could take 5-9 applications but for 35+ it could take 9-21 applications.

Which Whitening Product Is Best For You?

Whitening strips, pens and syringes all contain peroxide which means the gel is equally effective in all product types as long as it's fresh. The device holding the peroxide to the tooth is what determines its effectiveness. 

Whitening pens & LED lights often result in product rubbing/washing off so it can't stay in contact with the teeth for a long enough amount of time, and research has shown that LED lights don't enhance results and are a novelty. 

Whitening strips often slide on the tooth and aren't able to reach the crevices where teeth join or along the gum lines so the whole tooth is not whitened.

In office power bleaching is effective but expensive, ranging from $350 - $1000 per applications, with three applications required. The same results can be achieved using custom fitted trays.

Maintenance & Risk

After daily use of custom fitted trays for 1-2 weeks (1-3 hours per day), you'll need one or two additional applications every 3-4 months to remove new stains. The trays will last for years so the only thing you would need to order again is the gel for $8

There are low risk, temporary side effects involved with teeth whitening such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. The majority of people will experience these side effects but they can be managed. 

Tooth sensitivity may occur due to dehydration caused by open pores combined with the peroxide, but a desensitising gel will accelerate the rehydration process. If you're worried about tooth sensitivity, read this article for more information!

Gum irritation is also a side effect due to peroxide removing a thin layer of gum tissue and most people experience this with the first 1 or 2 applications. More information on gum irritation in this article.

The minimum age for use is usually 12-14 but depends on when the permanent teeth erupt. Here is an article on the matter if it's a concern for you!

It's worth keeping in mind that there are various types of tooth stains and certain types will require a more aggressive in office approach. If you have been diagnosed with dental fluorosis, tetracycline stains, decalcification, a single dark tooth, or have had dental work then you may want to refer to this article to determine whether you will benefit from teeth whitening. 

About Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant offer the lowest price custom fitted trays available. It's a professional product usually only available from a dentist. So if you are looking at teeth whitening, it's definitely worth a look! So even if you don't win the giveaway, you can still get reasonably priced teeth whitening without going to the dentist! All you do is create a mould of your teeth using what is sent to you, send it back to them so they can create your trays, and then use the product as directed for 1-3 hours each day.

About the giveaway

You will be entering to win $139.95 store credit which is equal to their Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitising gel syringes  or the Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 whitening gel syringes. (see picture above for visuals!) You are able to change that selection but you'd need to pay the difference! The giveaway is open internationally however if you're outside of the US, you will have to pay the shipping cost for sending the impressions back to them. You've got more chance of winning the more entries you have! You must complete the first three entries in order to be considered. The giveaway will end in two weeks, on March 24th. GET PUMPED, and good luck to the winner!

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How To Get Pink Hair With Flashmob Cosmetics Hair Chalk

I have always wanted to dye my hair crazy colours. Since the Kiki Kannibal phase when I was about 11 years old, and just NEEDING silver hair with pink racoon stripes. Pretty hard to get cool-coloured hair when you have naturally dark brown hair, but I have done it! Flashmob Cosmetics have a bunch of hair chalks* which work on any colour hair and give a really vibrant colour. I've wanted hair chalks for a while but (being a poor student) have never got around to it, so I was sooo excited to be sent these!

In the set I have, it contains a bright pink, a bright orange and a purple. They're all craaaazy bright but you can also tone it down a bit with a bit of brushing out. In my video it shows how I find it easiest to apply the colours if you head towards the end, and how I got the colour in these pictures. When you first apply the colours you get this reaaaally bright almost neon colour and it looks just as good on the blonde parts of my hair as it does on the dark brown. I found that with some brushing out (using my tangle teezer, pictured below post-brushing out, covered in pink!) you can really tone it down to get a more subtle colour. In the picture above I used mainly pink, whereas in my other blog post (linked above) I used mainly the orange. Both look just as good.

What shocked me about these was that they do not come out when you get your hair wet. Like even a little bit. So if you're going to a festival this Summer and you're afraid of your clothes getting ruined due to hair chalks in the rain, that's not going to happen. I don't tend to shampoo the ends of my hair so the pink stays for about two washes for me. If I didn't condition my hair either I'm sure it would stay for longer. But to get the colour out I actually had to shampoo the ends of my hair and it then came out easily, so if you have work the next day, don't worry about your hair still being pink!

I will say that a down side is that they're quite dusty, so you'll want to wear on old t-shirt when applying them and perhaps do it over a sink. I also put a towel down when sleeping as it gets on your bed a little. It didn't so much happen when I only did the tips, but when I did the full half of my hair it got pretty messy, so I think it depends on how much you put on. Wearing white maybe isn't the best idea since there can be a little bit of transfer onto your clothing which washes out easily but if it's on a white top you really can see it.

Nobody could tell that my hair was done using hair chalks and I got a fair few compliments on the colour! It worked a lot better for me than using actual hair dyes as colourful hair dye doesn't show up on my colour as it isn't light enough. The fact that they wash out also means I can switch up the colour a lot with absolutely no damage to my hair (a big concern for me since my hair is so long)!

Flashmob are currently available on Amazon - this particular set is £6.45, and you can also check out other news on their Facebook page.

I put together a look for Spring using the hair chalks which you can watch below!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Simple Spring OOTD ft Showpo, Victoria's Secret

Hey guys! My hair hasn't changed since my last outfit post, don't worry. Not in these pictures, at least. And today I was going for a casual sort of look (seems to be all I ever wear, to be honest) which could be worn in the warmer months. Believe it or not, it reached the grand number of 13 degrees over here yesterday, which felt tropical to me. That means it's time to prepare for warmth!

I'm so obsessed with this top from Showpo. It's got that Boho sort of vibe but it's also really wearable. I think it could be used with a lot of different things too, like a pair of jeans if it's a bit colder, or under a jacket. It could even be made more formal with a pair of heels. It's really lightweight and I think it'd be great to be worn to the beach over a bikini.

I decided to wear it with these shorts, which I haven't got out for months since it's been freezing, so I was pretty excited to wear them. I got them from PacSun last Summer so they're no longer stocked. I also put this little bandeau from Victoria's Secret underneath as it's slightly seethrough so it would just poke out and add a bit extra.

If you want the top, head to and also check out their other stuff. I've said before I love the range they've got, and their clothes are perfect for Summer. The top can be found here for $45. Definitely check out their dresses section if you're on the lookout for a new dress - they've got some really nice Boho style ones and some really unique stuff. But really there's a huge range, it's just I have a Boho obsession at the moment!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Casual Spring Day OOTD ft Blue Vanilla, Michael Kors, Primark, Topshop

For a while now I've had a bit of an obsession with loose-fitting trousers like these, and I've built up quite a collection. Blue Vanilla kindly sent me another pair to add to my collection - the Edith Jogger Pants (£18.00)*. They're super soft and super comfy and feel like you're wearing pyjama bottoms.

I paired the trousers with a pastel purple tee from Primark, a necklance from Topshop, a pair of Converse (which are looking rather grubby but I sort of like that look) and a Michael Kors bag to create a casual Spring look.

I love how flattering the trousers are as they're baggy so hide all your lumps and bumps and the waistband creates the look of a smaller waist. Head to to pick up a pair - they have a huge rang of prints so if this isn't for you, I'm sure you'll find something you like. They're probably the comfiest and softest trousers I own.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Showpo Sparks Fly Dress

And it's another outfit of the day from SHOWPO! You may remember them from my previous post about a beautiful stripey dress they sent me. Well this time they kindly sent me their sparks fly dress* along with some Metallic Tattoos as a nice extra. I love how they always throw something extra into their packages, really makes my day :')

Anyway I can only apologise for the poor photography - it's tough when it's freezing cold and your mother doesn't know the first thing about photography. But the dress is basically a super sparkly pinkish nudeish kind of colour - it's a little lighter in person than it appears in the images. Thankfully it's lined really thickly so you don't get irritated by the sequins, and they didn't irritate my arms with brushing against them either. This dress is strapless, however it comes with invisible straps like invisible bra straps so it'll hold up if, like me, you lack boobs. I will say that the dress is a little big on me so if you're torn between a smaller or bigger size, I would definitely go smaller!

The sparkles make this perfect for a night out or even a more formal occasion as it's not too short. I wish I'd had this around New Years so I could've worn it then! ...Not that I went out. I paired the dress with some black heels from Topshop however my mum didn't manage to get a picture of them. Great!

I'm excited to wear this dress out and I'm also excited to try out the Metallic Tattoos they threw in there for me! I might let you know how they are some time soon! Anyway if you want the dress, head to Showpo, and I'd definitely recommend taking a look at some of their other dresses - they've got some beautiful Boho styles on there which I'm very tempted by!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Becky x