Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blue Vanilla Winter OOTD

For a few months now I've had a real thing for capes. I've been searching for the perfect one for a while now but it wasn't until I looked on Blue Vanilla's site that I really fell in love. I even prefer those over the ones in Topshop which is rare for me since Topshop is usually my go to. After my previous post for Blue Vanilla in which I mentioned my love for their capes, I received the Lesley Navajo Toggle Black Cape* (£25) in the post much to my surprise. It really made my day, so thanks, Blue Vanilla! 

I was a little worried that the cape would be a bit flimsy and thin but that isn't the case at all. It is reasonably thick and does keep you warm, which was also a concern of mine. I wouldn't say it's the warmest thing in the world but is ideal to throw over a long sleeved top for those days when it's not quite cold enough to warrant wearing a coat.

The best part about this cape is the clasp. I really wanted one with a clasp but it seemed that most didn't have one. I think it looks nicer (and not like you've just thrown a blanket on) and also makes it easier because you don't have to worry about it falling off. At £25 I definitely think this cape is worth a purchase!

Cape: Blue Vanilla (£25)
TOP: Topshop (£10)
JEANS: Topshop (£40)
SHOES: Doc Martens (£100)

Photography by Amy Buckle

Sunday, November 16, 2014

How To Grow Your Hair / Why Long Hair Sucks / Hair Regrets

I found these pictures from a post I'd planned on doing some time last year maybe and it hit me with some inspiration to do the post again. So these pictures are quite old but still apply! It's essentially tips for growing your hair and why I regret getting an undercut, as well as why long hair is SO VERY ANNOYING. If you don't know what an undercut is I've put in an awful picture below from MANY years ago, but essentially it's that shaved bit on the side of my head. Please do not judge the strange lines, I was experimenting with patterns and I KNOW IT LOOKS AWFUL!


SO I'm going to start out talking about my undercut. I got it when I was around fourteen. They hadn't got big on tumblr or anything at the time (I don't even know if people really used tumblr at that point) and I just thought it would be fun to shave the side of my head. I'd seen it on celebrities like Cassie and Ellie Goulding and decided I really liked it. And I did like it, and I still do like them. The trouble was, I cut it myself and I was never completely happy with the way it was cut but it was already gone and there was no changing it. It was really fun to play around with it though. It grew back so fast so I was always shaving it and doing weird things with it (like that little longer bit at the front in the picture above - that was fun), I even had blonde *ginger* stripes in it at one point.

The only thing is, at one point you won't want the undercut anymore. And I did NOT want to cut my hair at all because I was trying to grow it. So for ages I had this awkward length piece of hair at the front. And trust me, it looked awful for at least a year before it finally started to blend in with the rest of my hair. I think that now, maybe I would go back and not have an undercut because I'm stuck with this shorter piece of hair until I finally decide to cut my hair to that length. You might guess that I'm reluctant to do that because my hair is so long. The picture below illustrates the difference in length. And so does the one below that... sort of.

How to grow long hair:

Now onto the hair growing part. People often comment on how long my hair is and ask me how I possibly managed to grow it this long. The only way to grow your hair really it to NOT CUT IT or only get it trimmed to get rid of the dead parts. That's all there is to it. Deciding that you do not want to cut your hair out of boredom and you definitely want long hair. I've always wanted long hair but always got bored and ended up cutting it before it was even below my boobs. It just got to a point where I decided I was just going to let it grow... and I did. 

I also often treat my hair with oils such as coconut oil and other products such as the Alchemy Oils remedy. I definitely think that helps with keeping some of its moisture. I tend to leave them in for around 40 minutes, if not I'll leave them over night.

I use a boar bristle hair brush and a tangle teezer. I'm sure you'll all know about tangle teezers. They're essentially little brushes with soft, flexible bristles that won't rip or damage your hair which is what results in split ends. A boar bristle hair brush is made out of boar hair (I think?) and is basically sort of soft and doesn't do much in terms of getting rid of tangles. I use this to brush through my hair to distribute natural oils to the ends to keep my hair healthy. I would not recommend using this in the morning as it can end up making your hair look greasy. There's also no point in using it right after you wash your hair as there won't be much in the way of natural oils.

I never straighten or blowdry my hair. Like ever. I think I've done either thing twice in the last three years maybe. That definitely helps a lot. But if you do straighten or blowdry your hair, definitely use a heat protectant.

I rarely tie my hair up. This can cause strain on your hair and cause breakages. If I do tie it up I use hair ties with thicker coating rather than the thin ones as they won't harm your hair as much. If I'm sitting around the house I'll either use a soft fabric head band to tie my hair up or a big grip to hold it in place in a bun. Neither look is particularly good but both ways will not harm your hair!

I never ever brush my hair when it's wet. Your hair is more susceptible to breakages when it's wet because its elasticity is increased. Or something. I'm no expert. But brushing your hair when it's wet is bad. If you absolutely must, I'd recommend using a tangle teezer or a wet brush (as in the brand. not a brush that's wet). Personally I wouldn't use those either, I'd just wait for it to dry and then brush it.

And I think that's all I really do? I also don't colour my hair (though I'm planning to tomorrow). There are other ways like changing your diet and I've heard using horse shampoo could result in an increased rate of growth but I haven't tried that so wouldn't know. 

The struggles of long hair:

It gets knotty SO quickly. It's ridiculous. Like within an hour or something. And if it's windy, you're done for. I can't even be bothered to brush it half of the time because it takes at least ten minutes.

It always gets stuck down the backs of tops / jackets and it's a right old job to get it out. Honestly, it takes longer than you'd think to free it from its trap.

It gets in the way. A lot. Of pretty much everything I do, but the worst is eating because then it gets food in it. Like I'm pretty sure I always have food in my hair if I don't put it behind my shoulders.

It's just so much effort to wash and brush and everything. I miss the easy days.

People always say "wow your hair is so long!" and then that's all they say to me. A fact that I already know and then they have no other conversation to make and it's the most boring thing in the world.

Volume is no longer a thing. It's so heavy and flat and boring. And yes, I suppose you can do more styles with it than short hair, but the styles take so long that I don't even want to do them.

So that's enough of me moaning about my hair! I'm sure there's more that I've missed out but that's all from me for the moment. While I do not dislike having long hair because I think it looks better on me and I kind of just want to see exactly how long it will grow to, it is maybe a lot more effort than it's worth and I constantly think I should just get it cut off to make life easier. I know I would regret that though!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Autumn / Fall Makeup Routine

So I know I haven't done a YouTube video in forever. Three months, in fact. I just felt like doing something a bit different and I do enjoy making videos a lot, it's just that normally I don't feel happy enough to upload them. This time I've decided to just do it! So I've put together a sort of tutorial / routine / something of how I've been doing my makeup for the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy it!

Maybelline dream pure BB cream
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Real Techniques Powder Brush
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Nars Mata Hari Blusher
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Soap And Glory Love At First Blush Rosy-Radiance Shimmer Powder
MUA Ever After Matte Eyeshadow Palette "Penny"
EcoTools Eyeliner Brush
Maybelline 24 Hr Colour Tattoo "70 Metallic Pomegranate"
Becca Cosmetics Eye Colour Powder Shimmer "Jacquard"
Real Techniques Shading Brush
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Soap And Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Revlon Lash Potion Mascara
Too Faced LashGASM Mascara

Sunday, November 09, 2014

I Drew Gabriella Lindley / Velvetgh0st

So I'm kind of scared to put my artwork on my blog since I'm usually not happy with it and prefer people not to see it. But I've spent so long on this and I told Gabby months ago that I'd do it so here it is. I'm sure that soon I'll decide it's not good enough or that I've forgotten to do something and end up changing it but I get stuck in this endless feeling of it being unfinished and there has to be a point when I decide to just stop. And I guess that point is now?

It isn't perfect & it's actually the first drawing of a person I have ever finished on photoshop. Hopefully it's a skill I can improve in the future and I plan on doing many more drawings as I do love drawing people and always have.

If you don't know who the picture is, it's Gabby (velvetgh0st) who happens to be my favourite youtuber and has been for somewhere between one and two years now. I'm a sucker for youtube videos and hers are always so entertaining. 

Anyway this isn't a post for me to go on about youtubers I like! It's just to share something I like to do other than makeup and fashion for once. Please let me know what you think of it in the comments, just don't be too mean. :)

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Autumn Beauty / Fashion Haul: Topshop, Zoella Beauty, Soap And Glory

zoella beauty soap and glory topshop

I found university pretty uninspiring for a while and, of course, when lost for anything else to do, you go shopping. And that's what i did. I went down to Birmingham with my family and stocked up on the things I was needing (with some added extras).

zoella beauty soap and glory topshop

First of all I made use of the 3 for 2 offers in Boots and decided to purchase my first Soap and Glory beauty items. I've heard a lot about their products in the past but always overlooked the brand and opted for something else (usually L'Oreal - if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I love L'Oreal) but this time I thought I'd give Soap & Glory a try. I was in need of a backup felt tip eyeliner and since the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner has received so much love, I decided to give it a try. So far I'm loving it just as much as my previous favourite felt tip liner and it's around the same price.

zoella beauty soap and glory topshop
Left to right: Supercat Eyeliner, Sexy Mother Pucker, Love At First Blush

Secondly from Soap and Glory I decided to get a new blush / highlighter. The 'Love At First Blush' is described as a blusher but personally I've been using it as more of a pink-toned highlight. It gives a really nice sheen and I've been using it in preference to other highlighters from MAC and Benefit so it was definitely worth the money.

And finally, of course, I needed the third item and since it's Autumn I decided to go for the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Raplumzel'. I've heard Fleur DeForce and others talking about these gloss sticks so I decided I would buy it because I love anything remotely plum lately and I always seem to be losing my others. It has a really nice chocolatey sort of scent and is quite thick and moisturising on the lips. I'm loving it so far!

zoella beauty soap and glory topshop

As I got in the queue to pay, I came across the Zoella Beauty stuff and could not resist, deciding to buy the Soak Opera bath soak & shower cream and the Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion. Both products have the same sweet sort of scent which I can't really describe but it reminds me of my childhood. The smell lasts quite a while too which is always a good thing. I definitely found that the body lotion smelled a lot nicer when it was actually on my skin rather than in the tube. I'm going to be doing a review of these products after I've given them a bit more use, hopefully!

zoella beauty soap and glory topshop

And last but not least, I needed some long sleeved tops for Autumn and Topshop is always trustworthy for providing me clothing that I will love. I have this ribbed crop top in the short sleeved grey version but since it's so cold now I needed something long sleeved and decided to go with a burgundy and an olive colour. I just love that the ribs are quite widely spaced and it sort of looks like jumper material but it's a lot thinner. There is just something about these tops that I adore and I can't put my finger on it! For £10 each I think they're a bargain.

And that's everything I picked up. Let me know your opinions on anything mentioned in the post - I love hearing them! I'm especially curious about what people are thinking of Zoella's products or if you want to try them?

Hope you have a great day<3

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My Autumn / Winter Scent

There seems to be a bit of a perfumey theme on my blog currently, what with my November guest post being all about fragrance, but with the season quickly progressing, a blog post on my favourite Autumn / Winter scent has to be done.

You may think that a red plum & freesia scent doesn't sound exactly like it will be perfect for the colder seasons, particularly with the blooming picture of a flower on the front, but for some reason I've been reaching for this almost every day, and it is Victoria's Secret's Pure Seduction - a fragrance mist which I picked up on my Summer travels to California.

I'm a big lover of really sweet, candy-like scents as well as really sharp and sort of musky scents. I would say that this scent falls more into the former category however it has floral hints in it. I suppose you could describe it as sharp and exceedingly sweet and almost citrusy. But I think I've just thrown three opposite words into one there. No surprise, I cannot describe scents! (who even can?) It is described as a 'refreshing formula infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile' but provides no further description of the scent.

I would say that if you're a person who is reluctant to leave the Summery scents behind but wants something a little more Season-appropriate, then definitely go down to Victoria's Secret and give this a whiff. Having said that, I'm not one to limit myself with scents according to Season and for the most part I simply wear what I feel like wearing. Who even says what Winter smells like?

So that's my signature scent set for this season. I'm hoping I don't run out of the stuff because it is gorgeous. Let me know what your favourite scent for this season is - I definitely need to purchase a new perfume since it's been months since I last did!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Guest Post: Fall Fragrance Fiesta

Hello there,

I am Dixi from She Dreams Fashion and today I'm a guest blogger out here. This is really exciting as this is my first post as a guest blogger and I'm really happy because Becky was sweet enough to let me be a guest blogger over here. Her blog is really adorable,isn't it?

Alright,so now without much further ado,let us just jump right into the post.

Fall is my most favorite season because of the weather,pumpkin spice lattes,Halloween,cosy sweaters and most of all nice warm and sweet smelling fragrances. I'm a fragaholic which means that I cannot ever stop myself from buying perfumes. They are the best because they come in cute packaging and radiate happiness.

These are some perfumes I think are perfect for the fall season.

1. Viva LA Juicy: This has been on my wishlist for the longest time until I finally bought it this summer in Thailan Duty Free while waiting for my flight and getting bored. This smells really fresh and musky. It has a very refreshing smell and more of a daytime perfume.

2. Calvin Klein IN2U- This perfume smells very warm and like cookies with a bit of floral hint. It's more of a perfume you would want to wear during the night when you go out because it's really long lasting and smells wonderful and snuggly.

3. Burberry: The bottle itself reminds me of flannels and winter. The smell is a but warm and spicy and very strong indeed. You would really love it if you are into strong and spicy smelling perfumes but then again it also has a bit of sweet tuch to it which is a bonus as it isn't that harsh.

4.J'adore- The ever so classic perfume that smells like happiness and sunshine during fall/winter. It is  a very warm smelling perfume and it obviously is very long lasting and you just really feel good when you wear it.

5. Hello Kitty- The bottle is so adorable. I remember buying it at Dubai Duty Free and I am thankful that I did. This smells a lot like candies and vanilla,it is a really sweet smelling perfume and I think it fits in with the fall season.

Those are my fall fragrance recommendations and I really think it is a good idea to have one of them as they just really make you get into the fall spirit.
Hope you enjoyed my post.