Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review / How To Style Blue Vanilla's Edna Floral Print White Collar Dress

As the weather starts to get cloudier and colder, I definitely think it's time to get out all of the dark green and burgundy you possibly can. I don't know what it is about Autumn that makes everyone so attracted to those colours but it is what it is! This month, Blue Vanilla kindly sent me this Edna Floral Print White Collar Dress* which I think is absolutely gorgeous. I'd call it my favourite dress at the moment and so perfect for if you're feeling a bit festive.

It's made out of a really nice thick and slightly stretchy material which is great. I often worry that the material of bodycon dresses will be flimsy and look pathetic when you put it on but that's completely not the case with this dress. Not only does it look a lot better and will it last a lot longer, but it keeps you warmer! It also has a cute little collar built in which is completely adorable and has some little green and pink gem detailing on which I think really adds something a little different and special to the dress. The sleeves have a little bit of lift at the shoulder which usually I wouldn't like but it's not overdone at all and it just has a slight rumpled look. I'm currently planning on wearing this dress on Christmas day or to a Christmas party because I don't think you get much more Christmasy than this without sticking a reindeer on your belly. 

Since it's quite cold, this is definitely an item that would keep you sufficiently warm but still look nice. I'm not big on wearing jeans so I struggle to find clothes I like at this time of year. I'm not wearing black tights in the pictures but with a pair of tights and a coat it would make a perfect outfit. Above I have paired Blue Vanilla's dress with a jacket from Miss Selfridge (bought from Depop) and my trusty fedora hat. This keeps it quite simple and dark because of the burgundy in the jacket and in the dress.

I also paired it with the same hat and this coat from H&M which I picked up for £27.99 which I consider a bargain. I think I prefer how this looks because of the contrast of the textured coat and the smartness of the dress.

Let me know what you think of this dress in the comments! I loooove it! You can pick it up from Blue Vanilla for £26.00 which is an absolute bargain for this kind of quality. My dad said he thought the dress was worth at least £50 so it's a great price. P.S. - check out their capes because I'm loving the cape trend and they've got some really nice, reasonably priced ones up! Just thought I'd share in case you're on the look out for something that is good quality but not as expensive as Zara or Topshop.

Sorry for the images - sadly I haven't found somebody to take pictures of me here at uni and my camera isn't being nice to me lately. Hopefully soon we can return to the usual quality! I might be filming a lookbook with this dress if I can manage to find somebody to help me out!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Autumn / Winter Nail Polish Picks!

Hi guys! Since we're now well into the colder months I thought I'd do a post on some of my favourite nail polishes for this time of year. I do love my blues and pastels still but for when I'm feeling particularly Autumnal or Christmassy, these are the colours I would gravitate towards.

Probably my favourite of them all if a Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in the shade 'Watermelon'. I don't think that the name is particularly appropriate for it since when I think of watermelons I think of bright pinks and Summer, but still. It's a really nice, dark green with a slightly bluish tinge to it. It looks really nice and dark on the nails, and I think it's a really good alternative for black since I know a lot of people who wouldn't wear black nail polish but would like something dark. It is the perfect colour for this time of year since I always love my dark greens and dark reds!

Secondly is one from Ciate - a brand I have raved about in previous blog posts. This is in the shade 'boudoir' and I got this one, as well as the others in this post, in last year's advent calendar (which you should definitely consider picking up this year since it's AMAZING!). It's a dark red but it's slightly less blue-toned than what you would typically consider an Autumnal red. It is not a burgundy or a maroon - it's sort of slightly darker than a classic red. I think I like this one so much because it isn't that typical colour everyone wears as soon as it starts to get cold. Plus, Ciate polishes are really good on a whole!

Taking third place for my top nail polish colours is another Barry M and this time it's 'Mushroom'. I bought this a few years ago because I became suddenly obsessed with dark nude nails and I purchased this while on my hunt for that perfect brown / nude. I found it to be a little too dark for my liking at the time but now I'm loving it. It's like a washed out, greyish brown and I think it can look really classy so if you're going for a more elegant look this might be the perfect shade just to add that little bit of colour without standing out or looking tacky.

Fourth place is more of a top coat than a colour itself and it is 'snow globe' from Ciate. I tend to put this over the top of my ring finger to add a bit of detail to my manicure and a bit of sparkle. It has little iridescent flecks in it and adds that subtle and unique sparkle. I find it looks particularly good over a pastel blue for a particularly icy look in the Winter!

Next up I've got another of those muted colours and this is a Maybelline Color Show polish in 'Moss'. I purchased this around Christmas last year to add a bit of variety to my usual dark green nails and instead have something a little softer and different. So if you're looking for a green that isn't the classic dark green then this might be a good one for you, though I find that the formula of Maybelline nail polishes isn't quite up to scratch and they can often take quite a while to dry.

And finally, it's another from Ciate that is absolutely PERFECT for Christmas in the shade 'christmas tree caviar'. This is not your typical polish. If you've never come across these before, they're little balls which you tip on top of your nail polish while it's still drying and you get an amazing, textured look. If you look at the blog post I've linked above you can get an example of how they look. The balls in this one are red, green, gold and bronze so are absolutely perfect for Christmas. I am absolutely going to wear this on Christmas day and I couldn't recommend it enough. 

And that's all of the nail polishes I've got for you! I have so many more that I love but I wanted to cut it down to only a few and these are the ones that made the cut. Please do let me know your favourite nail polishes for this time of year below! I need to invest in some more!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rimmel BB Cream Review

Hi guys! Today I've got a review for you of the Matte Rimmel BB Cream. It claims to be a '9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup'. What the 9-in-1 benefits are I do not know as it doesn't say on the packaging and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Either way, I'm sure they're all the usual things like 'mattifies', 'evens out skin tone' - basically a long-winded way of saying 'this is a BB cream'.

My first impressions of this was that the smell is amazing. I've found with many Rimmel foundations in the past that they have the nicest smell ever. I don't tend to like scented makeup but I think Rimmel foundation is the exception, possibly because my first ever proper foundation had that Rimmel scent so maybe it's just a blast from the past. It sort of smells like a cross between perfume and paint, I don't know quite how else to describe it. If you think you might not like it, definitely give it a sniff in store before purchasing.

I also found that with this BB cream, unlike others I have tried, you don't need a lot of it to get a decent coverage. I know it's a BB cream and high coverage isn't exactly their intention but I still like quite a bit of coverage. I think that this one actually does deliver and I'd call it medium coverage. I really like how it applies and I use the Real Techniques expert face brush to do so.

In terms of length of wear, I'd say this lasted the full five hours I was at uni for and that includes two 40 minute walks, one of which is uphill and results in lots of sweat. So pretty impressive! I don't check in the mirror frequently so I'm not the best person to ask for length of wear but it seemed good to me!

I haven't tried many BB creams as they don't tend to appeal to me but lately I've really been loving them and this little sample has only made me love them more. I was really quite impressed with it and £6.99 seems a good price for the full product. I would definitely choose this over the Maybelline BB cream which I found to be quite disappointing. 

So personally I loved this product, but let me know your opinions down below - I do love to hear them!

P.S. you may have noticed my blogging schedule has got a bit strange. Settling down in uni has been a bit weird for me so my blog wasn't the first thing on my mind. I'm thinking that I'm going to cut down to two posts a week rather than the usual three to four, at least while I get used to the change in work load. Hopefully you all understand!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hairtrade Hair Extensions Review: I&K Clip In Body Wave 02

Hi guys! Today I have a review of the I&K Clip In Body Wave 02 from Hairtrade. My camera has been acting up, hence why the second picture is a bit dodgy. I'm working on this so hopefully other blog posts will return with decent images!

Anyway, I've had extensions from Hairtrade before but the three months have passed and they kindly sent me another set to replace the others, since you're only supposed to keep them for three months. Previously, I had the 22" extensions which were straight but I decided to go with the wavy ones this time. I think I may have gone a shade too dark for my hair this time whereas last time I went too light so I'll have to go in between next time!

Anyway, the hair extensions were good quality as expected and I do love them however I think I prefer the straight ones, though perhaps if I gave the wavy ones a bit of a toy with my straighteners they might blend in better with my hair. The set comes with several large pieces (check my previous blog post for details) and also some smaller ones. More than enough to cover your head. I find that I prefer not to wear all of the larger pieces as I get very conscious that the seam might be on show. In the images I am only wearing one large piece and all of the smaller pieces.

I do really like the effect of the wavy pieces but I think they would be more suited to somebody a bit more skilled with hair curlers as I am awful. The nature of the waves is so beautiful and I don't feel I could actually do that with my own hair. You may also notice that because I've left my hair largely straight, the extensions are a little too short for me.

So for the lazy girl with slightly wavy but not curly hair, I would recommend the straight extensions, but for somebody who has a bit more time or is naturally quite curly, definitely go for the wavy extensions as they're just as beautiful. 

Note that I am not wearing hair extensions in the third picture down but am in the other two, just so you can get some reference (though the second image isn't too clear - darn camera).

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Makeup Haul: MAC, Stila, Elizabeth Arden.

Hi guys! I have a haul for you today which excites me very much as hauls always do. This in particular makes me very happy because there's a couple of products I've wanted for a long time. I'll try to keep it short and avoid boring you but give you some first impressions of the products at the same time as I haven't used any of them that much yet.

I purchased two MAC pigments in 'Genuine Orange' and 'Burnt Burgundy'. Genuine orange is simply a bright orange which I thought could be good for creating a more orangey look when combined with other colours as I am loving more orange/red-toned eyeshadows lately. I haven't yet used it but I plan to sweep it lightly over the top of other colours and use as a blending colour. Burnt Burgundy is a matte colour as the orange one also is, and I just thought it would be perfect for the colder months and perhaps a more interesting smoky eye than just black. Both pigments feel a little chalky but blend nicely.

I also got a MAC eyeshadow in 'Mythology' which is a lustre finish. I fell in love with this immediately and it has overtaken Satin Taupe as Satin Taupe overtook All That Glitters as my favourite eyeshadow. I wear this almost every day on its own all over my lid and also under my eyes for a subtly grungy look. I like to think of it as Taylor Momsen inspired but slightly more glamorous and subtle. It's as amazing as any MAC eyeshadow ever is, but slightly lacks pigmentation if there's any negatives to say about it (on first impressions, anyway). 

I couldn't resist a Stila lip liner. I owned nothing from Stila previous to this so I felt it was a necessary purchase. It feels like it needs a good sharpen but other than that I'm looking forward to using it. It's in the shade 'plum' which just screams Autumn so I'll definitely be using this in the colder months to prolong the wear of my lipsticks and line my lips.

And finally I got the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick. I don't know why, since it clearly says 'STICK' in the name, but I didn't expect it to be like a lipstick. Even so, I like it so far. I think it feels sort of thin on my lips but it definitely does moisturise despite this. It tastes a lot less obviously minty than the Blistex Treatment I usually use (blogged about here) and it doesn't leave any white residue as that does, so I completely prefer it (though the price difference perhaps means I'll have to stick to Blistex).

And that's everything I got! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I can only apologise for the reduced image quality; it's difficult to get a good picture in my uni room and I'm still getting used to it! Thanks for stopping by again and let me know what you think in the comments as always! <3