Monday, March 31, 2014

March Favourites

It's the end of the month which means it's time for monthly favourites! My first one since the start of my blog, actually. It was pretty hard just to choose a few products but somehow I've managed it. Not gonna lie, there's actually loads more but I'm sure I'll feature them in another monthly favourites post.

Firstly, it's Benefit's Rockateur blusher. This blusher is the best blusher there is, I'm telling you. It's described as 'rose gold' and it's just a really nice, warm blusher with a gold shimmer to it. It's not overly sparkly or anything though. It just gives your skin a really nice glow. I like to wear it with Benefit's 'Watts Up' as I just think the two products go really nicely together.

Of course, a favourite of mine has been the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. There's just something about those things that I absolutely adore. I wear them underneath my eyeshadow and sometimes on their own. I own a lot of the colours but my favourite this month has definitely been 'On and on Bronze' as it's just a really nice colour to go underneath basically any eyeshadow.

I've actually done a review of this next product in depth and it is, of course, the L'Oreal True Match foundation. I feel like this is the only Drugstore foundation I've come across that is actually pale enough for me so I wear it all the time.

Also a favourite of mine this month has to be the Lush Lip Scrubs. I have the Bubblegum flavour as well as Santa's lip scrub. Bubblegum is definitely my favourite. I don't know if I got a dodgy one of Santa's lip scrub but it's a lot more sort of wet than the bubblegum one and the little hearts in it do not taste good at all. Anyway, I love these scrubs and use them almost every day to make my lips feel softer, especially before applying lipstick. A real life saver product and I've not come across any lip scrubs anywhere else. They are a little expensive but definitely worth the money.

You cannot judge me for this last favourite but it's One Direction's 'Our Moment' perfume. I actually got this for Christmas but I've really been loving it ever since. I thought it would smell disgusting since it's probably aimed at people of an average age of twelve so wasn't going to be very mature but I was pleasantly surprised. No, it isn't a mature smell in any possible way but it is really nice and it's quite strong too which I like. I've been wearing it a lot this month and probably will until it runs out. They're coming out with another version of it soon anyway and I'm sure that one will be just as good.

So that's all the favourites I'm going to be posting about this month. Have you been liking any of these products? Let me know your opinions on them!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Barry M Aquarium Collection - Mediterranean

I really felt that I needed to write about this nail polish in a blog post. The pictures here are doing it nowhere near enough justice - the middle one is probably the best though. 

I've never come across a nail polish before that I've looked at and known that I literally needed it. Usually I'll just wait for a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and buy a few shades I think I need more of but this time I saw it and it was love. Literally. Love.

It's from Barry M's new Aquarium collection which is one of my favourite collections from them. I don't usually even like shimmery nail polishes but these are definitely the exception. The shade I have is Mediterranean 404 and it's basically an iridescent purpleish pink with gold shimmer. I would probably describe it as rose gold.

I could bang on about Barry M nail polishes and the pros and cons of them but I'm sure you've heard it all before and I just wanted to say in this post that you absolutely need to buy this colour because it is beautiful.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Drugstore Makeup Haul

Today I had free periods at school so naturally, I went shopping. I didn't actually plan on buying a lot since I bought a ticket to Reading Festival yesterday which drained my bank account but my friend was buying things and I couldn't resist.

I had to pick up two of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers because I'd seen swatches of them and the pigmentation looks insane. I could not decide which shades I wanted but ended up with 102 Nova, which is a sort of barbie pink and 500 Luna which is more of a peachy pink/nude colour. I don't even know why I always buy lip products since I rarely wear them but clearly it's some form of addiction.

I also bought the Pink Lemonade Sleek palette. Again, I bought this because I'd heard so many people talking about it and when people talk about things, I decide that I need them. From swatching this it looks really nice and I'm excited to use it. Still on the topic of blusher, I purchased a Maybelline Dream Touch blush in the shade 07. I normally don't like Maybelline's face products but my cream blusher collection is extremely lacking so I bought this anyway. Since there was a buy one get one half price offer on, I also purchased the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore eraser which I've heard is a dupe for Benefit's the Porefessional. 

Finally, I purchased two Maybelline colour tattoos because I honestly love those things and I feel like I need to own every single shade. I purchased the shades Pink Gold and Metallic Pomegranate. I know that Pink Gold is going to be something I'll wear everyday as I think it'll make a great base for the colours in the Naked 3 palette.

There was a definite unintentional pink theme for that haul but Spring is just around the corner (or maybe it is Spring already. It's hard to tell in England.) so hopefully I can get some nice Spring daytime looks out of this. I'm interested to try these products out and see if some of them are worth the hype or not. Let me know your opinions on them and if you know any products I should get, suggest away! Feel free to link me to any reviews you've done on your blog of amazing products - I would love to read them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MUA Makeup Collection

MUA is a brand that is known for being really cheap and also good quality. Most famous is probably the Undressed palette - a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked palette. A while back I decided I wanted to try out some of these products and see if you really can get good quality products for a very low price. 

Products I own:
Eyeshadow -
Lips -
Fashionista lipstick - cinnamon
Fashionista lipstick - style guide
Plumping lip glaze - coco
Face -
Skin Brightening Face Highlighter - sun shine
Fashionista 2 Step Mascara

The eyeshadow palettes are definitely worth the money at only £4. I would recommend these to anybody but particularly a beginner looking to build their collection on a budget. 'Undress Me Too' is probably my favourite as it contains both matte and shimmer shades unlike the other palettes and is great for everyday looks. Similarly, the lipsticks are all pretty good! The matte colours stay on for so long without you needing to reapply, particularly scarlet siren which is my favourite lipstick. It's very similar in colour to the matte lipgloss by them I own which is equally as good with amazing pigmentation and it's very long-lasting.

The that I would not recommend, are the blusher, the highlighter, the primer, the mascara and the eye dust. 
The blusher is way too bright for my skin tone and I never wear it because it makes me look like I've thrown on a whole pot of blusher all at once. It is very soft and powdery which isn't an issue, and perhaps if I tried a different shade I would have a different view of it.
 The eye dust I haven't used very often but I've found it very annoying since the opening is basically a centimetre wide circle in the middle so if you want to tip out some of the product, the entire pot's going to come out. 
As for the highlighter, in terms of colour it reminds me of Benefit's 'Watts Up' for the golden tone however it does not look good on the face. If you were putting it straight on your skin you might be alright as it's quite thin so easy to blend but on top of foundation it basically moves the foundation around and makes it look patchy and awful. Perhaps it's just me that's had this experience but I'm really not a fan of this highlighter at all. 
The mascara is really awful, in my opinion. It's one of those mascaras with a white end and a black end so it just ends up giving you grey eyelashes. It's also really dry so doesn't do much to your eyelashes. If you want thin, grey eyelashes though, this is the mascara to own! 
Some people who I know that have tried the primer like it but to me it just feels like rubbing oil into my face and as I have oily skin, I hate that feeling. I didn't notice any effect in terms of my makeup staying on longer or going on smoother but I rarely do with primers.
So in conclusion, some of the products are really good and completely worth the money but others are a complete waste of money! I suppose you shouldn't expect much from such low prices.
I hope this post has been helpful and if you own any of these products or anything from MUA, I'd love to hear your opinions and advice! 
By the way, sorry the mascara and primer aren't photographed - they're kept in another drawer so I forgot I even had them. Also, I couldn't find some of the products on the website so I haven't linked them - sorry!

Monday, March 24, 2014

FOTD & Fave Products

My first ever FOTD post let's all have a celebration and appreciate the beginnings of my blog. Prepare yourselves for a layout change which may result in my blog looking like an orangutang's butt for a brief period in time.

Hash tag looking down at my vile aztec print leggings to show my eyeshadow which doesn't even look like anything on camera. 

Appreciate these pictures. They were taken on a real camera and not just my iPhone. I am not lazy.

Anyway. Today I was wearing the usual everyday look. To be honest I literally wear this 90% of the time, perhaps with different eyeshadow or eyeliner but that's about it. I am literally in love with all of these products. I'm probably going to end up doing individual posts on all of them at some point. If you'd be interested in knowing my opinions on any of them, let me know. If I've done reviews on the I will add the links.

Products used:
L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (who doesn't wear this let's be real)
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Benefit Rockateur blush (I love this. Smells like fairies)
Benefit Watt's Up highlighter
Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade 'Bare Study'
Naked 3 Palette, shades 'Trick', 'Buzz' and 'Nooner'
L'Oreal Super Liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes  flex mascara
Too Faced lipstick (idk the name, help) in the shade 'Believe'

Sunday, March 23, 2014

L'Oreal True Match Foundation Review

As somebody with insanely pale skin, I find it very difficult to get that perfect colour match with foundation. Most foundations, particularly from the drugstore, don't go pale enough for my skin tone and end up making me look orange and like I'm wearing a load of makeup really badly which is the last thing I want. When I saw that L'Oreal had foundation that went quite pale, and even have shades for both pink and yellow undertones, i was drying to try it. I've also heard this compared to Mac Studio Fix foundation which is one of my favourites, but personally I would not compare the two foundation as they're very different.

It claims to be 'super-blendable' and to 'match skin colour and texture'. It certainly matches my skin tone better than any other foundation I've tried from the drugstore. I have the shade 'Rose Ivory' which is the palest shade you can get. It does blends well, however it is a very thin formula unlike most foundations I've tried, which isn't a huge issue but I find that I need to apply quite a lot of it in some areas to get a good enough coverage for my skin. The thin formula does mean that it's easy to blend out into the neck without leaving horrible lines. Yes, it is the best match for my skin tone that I've tried in the drugstore, but it is still a bit too dark for me. When bronzer and powder is applied it tends to hide that, so I'd say it's about the best I'm going to get for £10.99!

Another claim is that 'in 2 weeks skin feels smoother, looks healthier and more even. The appearance of skin quality is improved.' which I really don't understand since it hasn't done any of this that I've noticed, but I wouldn't exactly want it to either as it's a foundation, not a moisturiser! One problem with this foundation is that it does tend to crease in the fine lines of my face, and I'm only eighteen so I shouldn't have too many problems with this. For that reason I would not recommend this product for people with more mature skin.

Overall this is definitely my favourite foundation. A great colour (for the price), very blendable and it is possible to get medium - full coverage with it. I would recommend it to anybody who has problems with finding a foundation pale enough for their skin tone.