Monday, 12 January 2015

Showpo Jaywalk Dress In White Stripe OOTD

Today I'm giving you another fashion post. There seems to be a lot of that going on lately and I have another planned soon. I can't help it - I'm just really into clothes lately. Today I'm going to be talking about Showpo who kindly sent me the jaywalk dress in white stripe*. It's a pretty simple dress but one which I think is an absolute staple in any wardrobe since it's so versatile. They also kindly sent me a t shirt which was a nice surprise and I may feature that in another post soon so be on the look out.

I decided to style the dress with this coat from H&M. I seem to wear it in a lot of posts simply because it goes with almost anything and it's super warm. I promise it's not my only coat! I also wore these boots from Public Desire which I am obsessed with and wear at any opportunity. I think the boots change it from a really casual outfit to something a little bit more chic. Worn with a pair of Vans it would look completely different and for that reason, I love it and know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it all year round.

I like that it's got the block of black at the top because it changes it from just a simple stripey dress into something a little more interesting. The dress is made out of a really soft fabric that falls really nicely and it's an interesting shape with it being shorter at the sides than the front and back. (What is that bit of hair on the top of my head doing).

You can get the dress here for $30 or check out the rest of the site for a plethora of beautiful clothing. They really do have some wonderful products on offer and when I start searching for items for my Spring / Summer wardrobe I am definitely going to head to Showpo. I recommend them so much and they have so many products to offer there must be something for everyone!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

December Favourites

Am I a little late on the December favourites? I really needed to share my love for some of these products so I'm doing the post anyway! I've been so into all things sparkly lately, probably due to Christmas and it being Winter. I've also been into a matte lip because sparkly eyes, lips, and cheeks would probably be all a bit too much at one time. Anyway, here's some of my favourites!
The first has been the Too Faced Joy To The Girls palette which I got around Christmas time last year. According to the 12 month rule it needs to be thrown away now but I'm holding onto this puppy for as long as I possibly can. It's pretty much all I wore through December. More specifically, the shades 'Cheers', 'Prancer' and 'Chestnut'. A nice goldy bronzey sort of eye with a dark brown crease and a sort of brownish cream highlight (sparkliest shade EVER!). You can't buy this palette any more but Too Faced shadows in general are great. They seem to do really great super sparkly colours and also really great mattes. I also loved the Too Faced Christmas packaging last year. By 'last year' I mean 2013 Christmas, by the way. Since I just realised last year is actually 2014 now. HELP.

Still on the topic of eyes, I also found my love for Rimmel Scandaleyes again. I stopped using this for a while in favour of Too Faced and Revlon but I'm back to Rimmel again. I'd forgotten just how much thickness and volume this mascara gives and how amazing the brush is. It's super fat and super fluffy which is exactly how I like them. I have no problems with it like smudging and, to me, it's the perfect mascara. If you like a natural lash, this may not be the one for you but if you love thick lashes then this is perfect.

I also fell in love with the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner. I'd been using L'Oreal before but it started to get a little dry so I purchased something new for the sake of trying it out. I think that I find the L'Oreal one easier for a thinner line but the Supercat is definitely easier for winged eyeliner, in my opinion. It's a really intense black and stays on all day so another perfect product for me which I really can't fault.

To go with my sparkly eyes has been matte lips. There have been a lot of matte lip colours I've been using but I think of them all, the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Red Square has come out on top. It's insanely long-wearing so I find I can wear it all day and night and it still looks great even without reapplying. I love that it's a slightly more orangey red but definitely still a red because I tend to swing towards blue-toned reds so it's a really nice change for me. I've been wearing this a lot recently with plain grey / black / white outfits to add a bit of colour.

And what's a monthly favourites post without a bit of MAC? This month I've been loving a blush in the shade Well Dressed. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a favourites before. If I have, I apologise. It's a good one for pale skin and just gives a slight flush and a subtle shimmer so looks really natural. I've been having a lot going on with lips and eyes and sparkles lately so I've been toning down the blush. This makes a bit of a change from NARS Mata Hari which is what I'd been using a lot before.

And finally, it's Soap & Glory skincare. I've been using a lot of it in general lately but thought I'd mention The Righteous Butter as a standout favourite. I'm sure you've heard all about them before but I've just been really attracted to the smell rather than the usual fruity scents I go for.

And that's everything for December faves! I also did a yearly favourites video for 2014 so give it a watch. You will discover that I actually CAN'T COUNT at all.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blue Vanilla Harley Metallic Rose Dress OOTD

It feels good to be blogging again. I've been without internet for what feels like forever due to moving house (again) but now I'm back in full swing. Getting the ball rolling is this dress* from Blue Vanilla which I braved the icy weather to photograph. The lack of light in Winter sucks. Had I gone out on New Years, I would've worn this dress. It's such a nice party dress and going to be my dress of choice for the next time I decide to actually leave my house.

It looks a bit like a top tucked into a bodycon skirt, a look I've been really liking lately since it makes it more interesting than just a plain black dress. The top is also super sparkly which didn't show up much on camera but the whole of the top apart from the flowers is silver and sparkly which adds a really nice element of texture to the look. All of that sparkle sort of takes away the need to accessorise since there's enough going on on its own which is brilliant for me since I'm not big on jewellery.

The skirt section is a really nice thick fabric, perfect for the winter months as it's going to keep you warm. I will say that it's a little big for me so if you're going to buy it and don't know whether to go for the bigger or smaller size, I'd definitely say go smaller. I paired it with these spiked heels and that was it, outfit complete.

Blue Vanilla have impressed me once again. They have so many products that I've got my eye on. I've already raved about this cape in more than one blog post so I don't think I need to start on that again! If you want to get this dress, you can go here and get it on sale for £14.50 (original price £25). I'd give all of their dresses a look if I were you since there's some gorgeous ones for good prices. The embellished maxi dresses are so pretty it's killin' me.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Relaxing With The House Of Fraser Linea Mulled Berries Set

We all know that Christmas can be a stressful time of year with having to find gifts and cards for everyone and making the day as perfect as possible, so today's post is going to be about the House of Fraser Linea Mulled Berries set* - the perfect set for unwinding in Winter. I believe it's also currently on sale so I'd hurry to get it if you want it!

First of all, that Botanical candle* is absolutely gorgeous and I think would make the perfect candle for a centrepiece or on your mantelpiece on Christmas day. It just screams Christmas and Winter. It retails at £16.00 and has 60 hours of burning time. For something which is as gorgeous as that I think it's definitely worth the money. It has to be my favourite thing from the set!

The jar candle* is equally as beautiful and Christmassy. Similarly, it's something which you can keep out through Winter since it is Christmassy but not so Christmassy that Santa Claus is staring at you and it has to be put away with your other decorations. The jar from this could also be reused in future years since I don't really think it's one you'd want to throw away. It retails as £12.00 and has 50 hours of burning.

I put my candles on the mantelpiece first of all and put on a film with a nice cup of Green tea. They have the most gorgeous scent. It's definitely a Winter scent and seems to warm the house and fill the room. My living room still smells great now and I burned these about a week ago for about an hour. The scent is described as 'a mouther-watering fruit combination of cranberry, cherry and blackcurrant, laced with citrus and sweet spice highlights' and I would say that is the perfect description. The cherry probably comes out most of all.

I then took them with me up to the bath. I think it's so relaxing to have a bath with the candles going. I also filled my bath with lots of bubbles and used an orange-scented shower gel since it was the one which went best with the candles. There's nothing more relaxing than a good bubble bath. I usually like to have a bath bomb in there as well but since I'm in the process of moving house, I don't actually have a clue where any of mine are at the moment. I put on some of my favourite music at the same time and reminded myself not to fall asleep in the bath.

There's also a reed diffuser* which goes with this set but mine is somewhere in the post at the moment! Who knows where. Moving house is too complicated.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Hopefully many more will come in the New Year when I actually have internet again!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Beauty Christmas Crackers

Christmas isn't far away now and that means most of us are trying to get all of our presents and those finishing touches together to make Christmas an amazing day. I've decided to put together a few of what I think are the best Christmas crackers around. Of course, they're beauty Christmas crackers (which I didn't know existed until this year!) and some are very budget-friendly while others are more expensive. I think they're a great idea, however, since the usual crackers contain things which only get thrown away! So if you've got a few girls to please this Christmas, here's the crackers for you.

1. The first is the Lancome Christmas crackers (£54.00). While these crackers are very expensive, they contain some great products. You could even split these up and give each one as a gift to a friend which would total only £9 per friend. Included is the Hypnose Volume Mascara (black), Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner (black), Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, Lip Lover, L'absolute Lipstick and Bi-Facil Eye Make Up Remover. All great luxury gifts for friends or a nice touch to a girly Christmas dinner.

2. Next is another luxury set, this time from Clarins. This set is a little cheaper at £39 (£6.50 per cracker) and contains the Wonder Perfect Mascara, Gentle Refiner, Beauty Flash Balm, Hand and Nail treatment, Eau des Jardins and Rouge Eclat Lipstick. I adore Clarins and it's another well-known luxury makeup brand which is bound to impress your friends at Christmas.

3. Thirdly, we're onto something a little more budget friendly and that is the Champneys Cracker Collection which contains four different bubble baths, retailing at £10 which is £2.50 per cracker. I think that these are really sweet and bound to please even those who aren't beauty lovers. The bubble baths included are Distant Shores Bubble Heaven, Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven, Exotic Retreat Bubble Heaven and Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven.

4. Another budget friendly set is the No7 Christmas Cracker collection (£14.00 or £2.33 each). This is another one which is good for girls who like a bit of pampering but aren't that into makeup, as it contains three nail polishes and three skincare items. The nails polish shades are: Temptress, Beanie and Damson Dream, and the skincare included is the Protect & Perfect Day Cream, Night Cream, and Intense Eye Cream.

5. Still on the topic of nails is the Nails Inc Christmas Cracker collection (£29.50 or £4.90 each). You get six full sized nail polishes in the shades Mayfair Mews, Kensington High Street, Trafalgar Crescent, Baker Street, Mayfair Lane and Kings Road.

6. And finally is the most budget-friendly of them all - the Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit cracker set (£8.00 or £1.33 per cracker). These crackers contain three bottles of hand cream and thee bottles of bath & shower creme - bound to please any girl, and probably some guys too (we know they're always stealing our products). They're all in the sweet mandarin & grapefruit scent.

And those are all of my picks! This is my first Christmas post which is super exciting! It's been a struggle to fit it in with all of my uni deadlines but I've managed it! I hope you're all having fun picking out gifts and decorations this year!