Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Easy Elsa / Frozen Inspired Hair Tutorial

Hi guys! I've had this blog post stored away for a while and I've decided to post it today. The first year of uni will be over for me in a couple of days and I plan to get into the full swing of blogging then, and I'm feeling excited to start up again. 

If you love Frozen, or you know children who love Frozen, this might be a hairstyle for you. I basically created this myself since I found that a lot of the Elsa tutorials were quite complicated. This was pretty simple so that even a lazy person such as myself can do it. If you'd prefer this in video format, just let me know and I'll get it uploaded to my youtube channel soon.

This is my first hair tutorial (I think) so I apologise if it's a little hard to follow! I think that hair tutorials in blog post format are a little confusing but hopefully this isn't too bad. Also, I am no hair expert. I am very lazy with my hair. But maybe this will appeal to those of you who share a laziness for hair styling.

Step 1: Pull back a small section from the top of your head and pin it out of the way.

Step 2: Grab the top section of the rest of your hair, making sure you take it from the full circumference of your head so it’s pulled right over from the left to the right side (or vice versa, depending on which side you do the braid).

Step 3: Separate that section into three even sections.

Step 4: Begin a dutch braid which is like a French plait but instead of taking the sections over each other, you’re taking them under. Bring the left section under the middle section, then bring the right section under the middle section and repeat.

Step 5: Continue this, but every time you move one section, grab a piece of hair from the same side and add it to the section (like you would with a French plait or Dutch braid).

Step 6: Do this until all of your hair is in the braid.

Step 7: Then plait the rest of your hair normally and tie it off, preferably with a clear elastic, but I didn't have any.

Step 8: Start to pull the sections out to give it a wider, messier look. Do this with the whole braid. It's best to start from the top and work your way down.

Step 9: Take down that front section you pinned out of the way at the start. Separate it into randomly-sized sections and pin it back out of your face, pushing it forward to give it a loose, messy look. You could back comb for even more volume. Try not to make the bobby pins look took messy at the back - preferably have them all pinned to the centre of the back of your head.

Step 10: You’ll be left with a tail from all of those pinned back sections if your hair is long enough.

Step 11:  To hide this tail, push it through the plait so that it’s concealed and becomes a part of your braid. You may have to push it through several times if your hair is very long.

Step 12: And you’re done! Hopefully you'll be looking like Elsa from Frozen at this point. If not, I can only apologise. Elsa does have magnificent hair and us mere mortals can only hope to achieve such a hairstyle.

Monday, 4 May 2015

An Honest Post

Hi guys! I feel compelled to explain why I've had a month long absence when I used to post, like, every other day.

So basically I haven't posted in like a month and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S ACTUALLY BEEN A MONTH but it has. And I felt like posting about that. I have a lot going on in my life right now which I'm not going to go into any detail about and I suppose that's the main reason. But I've also had a beauty crisis this past month where I've just been looking at my blog like "Wow I post a load of crap about a load of stuff which doesn't even really matter to me." 

I thought I didn't like makeup, which I definitely do and I always have so I don't know what was wrong with me! But aside from makeup, I also love music, art, gaming, and a whole load of other stuff which I never really post about but I feel like I should since I write this blog for my own enjoyment and makeup and fashion isn't all I care about! So I think from now I'm going to try to post things which I actually care about, and not just do reviews for the sake of doing reviews. I feel like that is too fake and forced and I don't want my blog to be like that at all.

Oh and I'm basically doing this post right now because I have a 3,000 word essay due in tomorrow and I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE IT, even if it is 3,000 words about Burberry.

I have a few post ideas in mind to be coming soon, as well as some videos, since I really love making videos and always have and I don't want to not do them because I'm afraid of what people will say. I'm trying not to care what other people think.

And if you've been missing me on my blog (I doubt it), I've been pretty active on Twitter and Tumblr. You can find those links up in the sidebar underneath my picture. And also my YouTube, which I'd love for you to subscribe to since I really want to use it more and to also connect with some other Youtubers!

Okay and now I'm done and okay my post is over goodbye.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

What's In My Bag?

Hi guys! So I just realised I haven't really been posting about my YouTube channel on my blog so I decided I would. I'm kind of more into YouTube lately because I enjoy editing videos a lot and it's also part of my attempt to be less shy etc. So hope you like this video! P.S. pretty much two days after filming this I found a black bag that I like! Going to do a haul video or post soon (again...). I'm also using Twitter a lot more lately so follow me if you like! It's @beckyis0bel :)

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Orelia Chevron Ring And Wishbone Necklace

I feel like I haven't done a jewellery post in forever? To be honest, I don't buy it very often but there's always a couple of things I've got my eye on. This little chevron midi ring is one thing I've wanted for a while. I'll admit that I haven't been looking very hard, but I'd only come across normal ring sizes in this shape, until I came across Orelia, who kindly sent me this amazing Chevron midi ring (£12)* and this sweet long gold wishbone necklace (£15)*.

I'm actually kind of amazed by the ring. Is it just me who always ends up with green fingers after wearing rings, and a ring which is no longer gold, but now copper? I don't know why this ring didn't do that for me, but it didn't. It's still a super glowy gold colour. I don't know if it's made differently to the rings I usually wear, but all of the Orelia jewellery is Hypoallergenic and lead free and nickel safe with gold, silver and rose gold colour electro-plating with an anti-tarnish finish. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what most of that means, but maybe it's the anti-tarnish finish that does it! I think £12 is a completely reasonable price for the ring, and on their website they've got some as low as £3 on sale.

The necklace I think is really sweet. I'm the type of person to go for statement necklaces normally, but for the last year or so I've had a thing for more delicate necklaces just to add a tiny little bit of something extra without making the whole outfit based around a piece of jewellery. I really like that it's a slightly longer necklace but not too long. I really like this length and I think it could pretty much go with anything you wear. If you are more of a fan of bling, they've got some statement necklaces on the site as well as hair accessories, tattoos and a little create your own section.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my jewellery! Also be checking my Youtube channel as I HOPE to upload there more often! (I'm trying to be a more confident person and to care less about what other people think. In my mind Youtube helps me to do this).

P.S. sorry about my nails but I actually don't care if my nail polish is chipped or not.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner Review And Giveaway With Mizspa

Bobbi Brown is the one brand I've been wanting to buy something (other than a book) from for a while but have never got enough money. I've heard many good things about a lot of their products, particularly the shimmer bricks and the eyeliner, so I was pretty happy when contacted me asking if I wanted to do a review. What's even more exciting is that I'm also doing a giveaway which I'll put at the end of this post. 

The 2 piece set* contains the Bobbi Brown Longerwear Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ink' and "Sepia Ink' - essentially black and brown. It also includes the little Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush which is adorable. It's got pretty sturdy packaging that seals tightly so it's not going to dry out. It feels good quality and study as you would expect from Bobbi Brown.

The formula is pretty creamy but also thick so it doesn't slip and slide around, just glides on nicely. And once it's on there, it's on. It really does not come off all day and those hand swatches took some scrubbing to get off. I had no problems with removing it from my face with makeup remover, however. 

I really had no problems with this eyeliner and I couldn't fault it. It has great staying power, applies really nicely and doesn't crack or transfer onto other parts of my skin or anything. I know a lot of people who swear this is the best eyeliner out there. I know Lou Teasdale has recommended it before.

Gel eyeliner is much easier to apply than liquid eyeliner because it isn't wear so it's not going to go everywhere and have problems such as bleeding or cracking. I used to use a gel liner from Rimmel but found that could be quite patchy whereas I didn't have that problem with this liner. The colours are really strong too - the black is a definite black and the brown is a nice dark brown colour which could possibly even be used on the brows, though I haven't tried that.

As far as the brush goes, I found that easy to use. It's thin enough to do a really fine line but can also be rotated to create a thicker line. I managed to do wings with it which I often have trouble with.

All in all, this liner is serving me well and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good gel liner.

Onto the giveaway which is kindly offered to you by! You'll be entering to win the Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner Duo which includes all of the products discussed in this post. The giveaway will be open internationally for two weeks from today. I will email the winner and announce them on Twitter.